When beauty killed the beast

My body is not exactly Herculean but working towards one always has been. With the advent of new and improved exercises and the banishing of old ones I find myself in a fix of what to do each day. Should I crunch away the tire or burn it with intense cardio? These are the questions which haunt me despite the fact I have been ahem ranging from the extremes of the carefully constructed Body Mass Index chart. My genes and sometimes jeans have unfortunately not been kind to me. Neither has my satiety centre.

With my total intake being more than the expected output I wonder why my body does this to me. What famine are you preparing me for, damn it??

Anyways i've come to terms with letting bye gones be bye gones and baby fat be added on to my adult fat.

My life continues, with the tumultuous waves of calories and fat lashing against my abdomen, as I sing “you’re my honeybunch, sugarplum, pumpy yummy pumpkin; you’re my sweety pie….”

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