Status quo ante

'The state of things as it was before'
(an experiment on the mind of a Woman and also do notice the incorporation of the Seven deadly sins which I seem to have taken a fancy for)

I cared for you, perhaps a bit too much.
Your every word rehearsed in my head
The nights I spent thinking of you
Of us…

When loves band would bind us
My hand nestled in yours
The holy fire pronouncing us
Man and wife

The moon looks away
As two lovers unite
Your lips, my breasts
My all belonging to you

As I awake, your sight comforts me
My finger runs down to your lips
Fortunate am I of all women to have you
My be all and end all

As I sit at my desk, your thoughts consume me
My mind feasting on every detail
As I wait for you to pass my room
A glance is all but necessary

I skip my friend’s invites
For I long to be with you
You are all that I need right now
My life saving blood

The more time I spend with you
The more I have to re-enact in my room
You must think i'm silly
But that’s how much I value you

Your friends surround you
I don’t mind at first
But then you leave me
For their greater appeal

My thoughts kept racing
What are you up to now?
In their room you while away
Leaving me left behind

I wait and wait
But you never come
Often returning when I sleep
Come see me, my darling

Days pass
And when I ask
You burst out saying you can’t take it anymore
I don’t think we can be together

It’s those damn friends of yours I think
Their poison infiltrated your mind
I love you my darling unlike them
Ill always be by you

Months pass and silence between us grows
As you leave for your home
I cry in my bed,
Awaiting when you shall return

When you see me afterwards
I look the other way
Even I have the right to be immature
But I wait for you to console me

Days later we start talking
My gloom washed away with laughter
My smile gives a lot away
To all who see me, reunited with my love
And then she came
You say she’s a friend
But why do you have to be soo close to her
Why write on tables during class

As I see you from the corner
You seem to share with her everything
She has taken all what belongs to me
My wrath knows no end

What does she have that I don’t?
Looks, body, what?
Does she think about you day and night?
Does she want to have your children?

Does she want to grow old with you?
No, but I do
Greener and greener I grow
Her sight disgusts me

Harder and harder I try
To improve what I am to get you
But you’re always dragged away
By your friends and her….

It’s been months since we’ve spoken
I prefer it that way
Though you comment about me
I suffer your loss in silence

I love you my….
I always will
As another day passes
I will go on…... Without you

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