what if the grass isnt really green on the other side?

Im not sure if many of you'll have this thought that maybe your friends life is much more happening than yours. Ive been plagued by guilt ever since the time I was compared to the other kids, another annoying Indian tradition passed on from generation to generation.

Do people really seem to be having the times of their lives, ever single day?

I know i have some fun days and some really crap days where I'd just be sitting on my bed wondering why I'm in such a college or in a boring place.

Girls according to me have everything made for them. Its like when i was in Goa and we were having such a big problem for 6 stags to get in since it was a couples night whereas single girls can jus shake their stuff while carefully balancing on their manolos and as a cruel punishment be surrounded by desperate stags, speaking of which tried to show me that they were not as sad as me even though dancing with the girls behind is not very convincing especially if her front is being occupied by another man who she really 'is' dancing with.

But i guess dancing in the club would hardly matter unless you were hooking up with a drunk lady/man and just know somebody is gonna get lucky tonight.

The worst part is that when you really start thinking about this stuff that all the bad stuff that happened in your life suddenly feels that they can come and crash your feelin down partay, well atleast in my case.

Depression, thy name is most hated. Be gone, you three headed dragon. Hatred, Malice and Jealousy.

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Anonymous said...

Dude.. first of all, most college girls do not own manolos!!! Secondly, most people who are happy are just pretending to be so ppl can be jealous of them. they seem to be succeeding.

Djarabia said...

i used de word manolos cos it sounds cooler than the usual high heel shoes...and i totally agree with u on the second part...

Anonymous said...

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