Count your blessings

Medical researchers have done it again. But this time it’s not for the good of the Indian kind. They have finally found out that being good at maths is genetically determined. That means that the fate of millions of students, well to be truthful Indian students, with their parents being narrow minded (generally speaking) and the eventual choice of profession being either a doctor or an engineer. I can’t imagine the crease in our foreheads revealing our life’s duty. Does that mean my attitude towards my profession is also genetically determined??

I remember at a particular psychiatry conference I had attended, where the doctor had mentioned “being smart is not really the amount of work you put in but how much of smartness quotient, your genes have left you with” to which I may inform you had left him being pounded with questions by various students who still cling onto the hope of ‘mera hard work Mahan’.

On this note, id like to offer a silent prayer for all those unfortunate students, who though may be good or bad in math’s, who may enjoy learning about the human body or not, who enjoy doing arts or other recently evolved subjects. May their parents realize that the decision should be left to your kids and not on what the general ‘relative’ population think you should be. Be it decided by your genes or not.

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