Cuppa joy

Bubbles rising to kiss the surface,
A spoon of coffee added,
It swirls in the most psychedelic fashion,
A brown beauty in the making.

The milk is next,
They mix and match,
A yin-yang,
Till coffee wins the tussle.

White and black,
The sugar and cardamom is next,
Their entrée arousing Aroma,
Who rises up in smoky splendor.

Once ready,
Into their porcelain throne they retire,
Where I wait,
Soaking in the goodness of this wonderful experience.

PS the preferred setting for the above may be imagined to be a window sill overlooking the marine on a wet weekend or a comfortable sofa which has memorized your every curve and bump or if you're living the good life, a lazy boy ;)

2 comebacks:

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos!!

I can smell the coffee in your poem as you're guiding us through the "chemistry" of it. Although I strongly dislike the taste of coffee, I love the smell of it!! :)

Thank you for sharing!

Carl said...

Thanks for stopping by :)... btw if u liked the pics I got them from :) enjoy!!


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