The "Bega Bega Bega"Sandwich

From its so called humble beginnings in the mind frame of a lazy gambler who didn't want to get his cards dirty by dribbly meat or have his ghrelin levels cause him to stop the exciting game of cribbage for want of a measly meal to satisfy him and from laziness was born what we all have come to love today in its various forms The Sandwich.

Well, when the British came down to India, they took a lot of stuff with them and inadvertantly left us with some stuff too. The Sandwich, which surprisingly seems to have applied itself to various contexts of our normal Indian lives.

The best and probably foremost example being the BUS.

Picture this, actually dont cos its the worst possible situation to be in. Its time to leave home for hostel and you keep postponing it for want to finish the food you were eating or completing the blog people soo badly want to read and criticise you later for it. Standing at the bus stop, there's not many people giving you the feeling of probably another lazy day for our hardworking people.
Waiting and waiting, finally it arrives.

Hanging outside the doors mostly at the rear end, stick like men grapple to hold onto the motor monster which rides at speeds known only in video games or formula ones. You must be wondering whats all this gotto do with the sandwich but im getting there so hold on.

Notice the following pictures

Notice from top to down the Club Sandwich, the French bread sandwich with fries and the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich all have their fillings pouring over and mopre specifically to the side.

The next thing is the way we Indians have learnt to fit into the damned monster. How meticulously we 'fit', if i may use the word lightly (though its more of tug, push, pull, mould thereby ultimately resulting in a fit).
The same principle is applied when fat people or thin people grown fat ,while trying on a new pair of jeans ,which they absolutely have to fit into, since you want it soo bad and not to forget, its on sale!!)

Yes, the arrangement is kinda the same as above, but just more filled up. Just like they say keep your friends close and enemies closer, and it tends to get real close sometimes. I've sometimes felt victimised ass... i mean as i stand there being randomly poked by a fellow man from behind. My friends think I'm a drama queen and simply sensationalize issues to make my life seem more interesting but apart from the truth, I stand there, waiting to get to hostel.

If your lucky to not be poked from behind, you surely wont miss the jab of sweat mixed with extraordinary oils of the unknown from the arm pits of your fellow passenger. As Russell Peters lightly yet assertively put it Indians are stinky people cos we'r hairy and therefore by all means need to apply deo or some form of stench repellent, not only for sanitary reasons but for social as well.

There are soo many other things which happen in a bus ride but im sure you would be bored by now.

So here's a tribute to all the Sandwiches of the World..DROOL :)

A Dagwood Sandwich

The worlds largest hotdog


Breakfast Roll, Scotland

Croque-monsieur, France

Franscesinha, Portugal

Souvlaki, Greek
Torta, Mexico

Hoagie Hero Sub Sandwich

Smorgastarta, Sweden

Shawarma, Middle east

Roti John, Singapore & Malaysia

Po'boy, New Orleans

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Jumbo Vada Pav

Pastrami from the Hat

Reuban Sandwich, USA
Monte-Cristo sandwich

Thanks to wikimedia for all the pictures.
Shawarma thanks to and the sardines when i find out where i got it from.. soon
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Sparks of light flit across raven skies
Thunder announces their arrival
Puffs of smoke, splash upon
Chandra's cratered shore.

Green, now rain kissed
The earth, exudes its fragrance
Animals of the air take shelter
While those on earth lie and wait.

The city of Lanka, the city of gold
Of great size and even greater beauty was it, to behold
Seven moats surrounded it.
Seven walls of gems and metal, protected it.

Rakshasas, protectors of Amrit's deep waters
Now lay asleep in their homes.
Of every shape and form were they.
Some, disgusted the eye, whilst some were beautiful to gaze upon.

Safely concealed on the island
A tear drop, nestled upon the oceans cheek
Beauty singed with Greed's desire
Ruler of it all

Rāvaṇa, he of terrifying roar
Ten crowned and twenty fisted.
His cuprous eyes shone,
His blue blood surged,for more

Seas cringe and mountains shiver
Even the sun and moon cowered
In his benevolent majesty's presence
None could withstand, not even the gods.

His palace swept clean by Vayu, the god of wind
Ambrosia prepared by Agni, the god of fire
Water to quench his thirst by Varuna, lord of the ocean
And Kuvera, the god of wealth, his money supply.

Rāvaṇa, he of terrifying roar
Ten crowned and twenty fisted was he.
Sowing his malignant seeds
Of mischief and evil in thee.

Mighty King of the Asuras
Dictator of human and divine races
None, could withstand his power
None, not even, the gods.

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First pic :
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My baby shot me down...

"Bang Bang, he shot me down,
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down."

The words of the American song I had heard on the radio, played over and over,in my head. The news channels in their frenzy, covered every bit of what gruesome atrocity had taken place. And worst of all... it was my son who was responsible.

"God has blessed us, my dear" my husband said to me. Indeed He had. For years we had been trying and now finally I had in my arms, God's very own angel. He was beautiful. His rubicund lips, his kissable cheeks, snow white skin and glowing eyes, all announced his exit from heaven to earth's door and that too, I was the lucky one to receive him.

Born as the middle child, I was often forgotten amongst the other fourteen of my brothers and sisters. But my time had come when I was 12. I was engaged to this handsome man. "He's a professor at the the University" they all told me. "You're very lucky to get him" and my eyes shied away from their naughty glares.

The untimely death of our first born, weighed heavily on both of us. Depression rearing its ugly head wherever we looked."We'll get through this, my dear" my husband said and with that we survived.

His growing years were tiresome but one of the best years in my life. Who knew God's little angel was such a shaitaan. But in the end we always melted, giving in to his every desire.We loved him so dearly. My sweet little boy.

After school he had got admission in a college in the city.He decided it was best to stay on campus and promised to visit every week.My husband sat him down to discuss the various procedures involved for the hostel and tried to coax his son into taking the subject he taught at University, English. But our boy was stubborn and engineering was all what he ever wanted to do.

Packing his bags, tears filled my eyes as I placed a photo of all of us at the beach. Such wonderful times those were, when we were all together. And now it was time for the bird to fly away from his nest.I stand there at the entrance awaiting his return.

"This now come in. Local authorities have identified the person who is an engineering student at the the University. He along with his group of 3 others held hostage 25 people in the college building and had threatened to kill each of the hostages if their demands were not met."

How could he have done this? What went missing in all the love we had provided him. He was such a happy child and was kind and considerate to others. But now... he was a murderer.My own flesh and blood... a terror to mankind.

I wish I had never let you go. You would have been safe here with me, instead of having your mind poisoned by those bad boys. I want to hold you again in my arms. But how can I, for now your arms are blood stained with the lives of many.

I love you, my son... And I forgive you... Please come back to me...

"Now he's gone, I don't know why
And till this day, sometimes I cry
He didn't even say goodbye
He didn't take the time to lie.

Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down..."

Thank you to for helping me with the lyrics.
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Some interesting finds on the net for World AIDS day

Aids Doesn't Kill. Your Attitude Kills.
By Nikhil Parekh

Compassionately shaking hands with them; wont in anyway enshroud every
ingredient of your blood with the most unforgivably cancerous of disease;
wont in anyway annihilate you forever and ever and ever from the trajectory
of this fathomless Universe,

Profusely intermingling your shadow with theirs; wont in anyway diminish you
beyond the threshold of disparagingly dolorous oblivion; wont in anyway
obfuscate your integrity with the clouds of tawdry salaciousness,

Tirelessly talking with them; wont in anyway make you the most delinquently
inferior organism on this boundless earth; wont in anyway char your
inimitably distinctive identity,

Amiably kissing them on their rubicund lips; wont in anyway evaporate every
ounce of immunity from your body; wont in anyway transform you into the most
treacherously cursed entity alive,

Uninhibitedly fondling their silken hair; wont in anyway jinx you with even
the most infinitesimal parasite on this limitless earth; wont in anyway
trounce you to your dolorously fetid grave,

Mischievously nibbling at their innocuous ears; wont in anyway numb each of
your senses to even the tiniest trace of sound; wont in anyway engulf each
brilliant day of yours with hopelessly asphyxiating blackness,

Jubilantly adventuring with them in the inscrutable forests; wont in anyway
sap you of untamed powerhouse of effulgent energy; wont in anyway make you
an impotent pinch of mud fretting for an infinite lifetimes,

Profoundly staring into the whites of their impeccable eyes; wont in anyway
blind you forever from every conceivable iota of pleasure and panoramic
light; wont in anyway pulverize you into inanely impoverished nothingness,

Eclectically sketching their harmlessly nimble silhouette; wont in anyway
vengefully deteriorate you into a pool of insipid nothingness; wont in
anyway render you as the most ignominiously slandered artist alive,

Holistically eating with them in the same bowl; wont in anyway metamorphose
you into an ocean of endlessly lambasting tears; wont in anyway inundate the
walls of your stomach with venomously aggrieved poison rather than the
celestial fruits of the Creator Divine,

Unflinchingly entwining your fingers into theirs; wont in anyway
horrendously deplete you of every ounce of your strength; wont in anyway
impede you from symbiotically coalescing with the rest of eternally
fructifying living kind,

Sleeping impregnably close to them to shelter them at night; wont in anyway
grant you a place in the most vindictively unsparing of hell; wont in anyway
prematurely bury you a countless feet beneath your veritable grave,

Flirtatiously tickling their nubile skin; wont in anyway hang you upside
down in the most brilliantly blazing of Sunlight; wont in anyway seal every
other synergistically untainted option for you in the chapter of resplendent

Wholeheartedly embracing them as one of your own kin; wont in anyway
perpetuate in you the germs of the most ominously tyrannical of disease;
wont in anyway render you satanically crippled for the remainder of your

Affably conserving each droplet of their golden sweat in your palms; wont in
anyway erase the spell binding destiny lines of your existence; wont in
anyway proclaim you as a preposterously shameful misfit for the fabric of

Altruistically applying the balm of humanity on their inexplicable wounds;
wont in anyway assassinate every bit of harmonious knowledge that you had so
wonderfully assimilated since the first cry of birth; wont in anyway torment
you even after you died,

Uninhibitedly drinking water from their unfinished glass; wont in anyway
transform every ingredient of your Omnipotent blood into unbearably
vindictive venom; wont in anyway truculently slain the royal seeds of
virility from your endowed life,

Unceasingly enlightening them with the magical artistry in your persona;
wont in anyway endanger even the most diminutive shade of existence on the
perennial planet; wont in anyway transform you into a sinful eunuch wailing
the last words of your life,

Unassailably blending every breath of yours with theirs; wont in anyway
defeat you the slightest in any philanthropic quest of your blessed life;
wont in anyway abruptly snap the fangs of your miraculously proliferating

Immortally bonding every beat of your heart with theirs; wont in anyway make
you the most abhorred criminal of this globe; wont in anyway metamorphose
every definition of true love into sadistically betraying hatred,

Paradoxically; whereas doing all the above things with them wont in anyway
harm you the tiniest; but their not receiving the same from you would
definitely make them die the most ghastliest of death; a death which would
not be a result of their suffering from HIV/AIDS, but an extinction which
would be the most horrifically gruesome; a death which would be the most
perpetually criminal; caused due to opprobrious disdain and neglect by you;
you and only you; who was none other than their uncaring fellow human


If I could tell HIV how I feel
I would tell it that it destroys lives.
Breaking apart families.
Robbing lives that aren't theirs.
Having people live with struggle, pain
sickness, sorrow and nothing else left in their mind.
If I could tell HIV how I feel
I would tell it to go away.
Never return.
I would tell it that it
makes people blind with their tears
and deaf with their screaming
If I could tell HIV how I feel
then it would listen,
bringing back lives that were killed,
families that were torn apart,
and homes that were sweet.
I know just because you have HIV
doesn't mean it's the end of the
world, but in return you can
never stop thinking about it.

Eileen Rosado, age 15
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The Seven Avatars

Since I was small I had this idea of choreographing a dance which would include my favorite actresses and i have been waiting ever since for that dream to come true. The dance was supposed to take place at a prestigious event where the whole of the Bollywood community would be there and try to take in the extravaganza presented to them by moi.

Ive stuck to my obsession of the seven deadly sins.

So I kinda thought I'd reveal to you all who I think are perfect for the role and hopefully someday, someone famous reads this and tries to contact me to say "I wanna make this happen and I want you to be in charge of it"

Presenting to you, The Seven Avatars.The music to which this whole experience takes place is a song from Mynta which I also have developed a craze to obtain it since it was danced to by my puc college dance team but unfortunately to this day I am clueless of its name.

Luxuria/Lust - Shilpa Shetty or Nicole Scherzinger or Prianka Chopra

Gula/Gluttony - Asin

Avaritia/Greed - Kareena Kapoor

Acedia/Sloth - Deepika Padukone

Ira/Wrath - Sushmita Sen

Invidia/Envy - Bipasha Basu

Superbia/Pride - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Thanks to the following sites for having hosted the wonderful images. Its amazing especially to see Atul Kasbekar's photos which are real imaginative and out of this world.

Shilpa Shetty s2 add (
Nicole (
Asin (,
Kareena (
Deepika (,
Sushmita Sen (,,
Aishwarya (,,,,
Bipasha (,,,
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