The "Bega Bega Bega"Sandwich

From its so called humble beginnings in the mind frame of a lazy gambler who didn't want to get his cards dirty by dribbly meat or have his ghrelin levels cause him to stop the exciting game of cribbage for want of a measly meal to satisfy him and from laziness was born what we all have come to love today in its various forms The Sandwich.

Well, when the British came down to India, they took a lot of stuff with them and inadvertantly left us with some stuff too. The Sandwich, which surprisingly seems to have applied itself to various contexts of our normal Indian lives.

The best and probably foremost example being the BUS.

Picture this, actually dont cos its the worst possible situation to be in. Its time to leave home for hostel and you keep postponing it for want to finish the food you were eating or completing the blog people soo badly want to read and criticise you later for it. Standing at the bus stop, there's not many people giving you the feeling of probably another lazy day for our hardworking people.
Waiting and waiting, finally it arrives.

Hanging outside the doors mostly at the rear end, stick like men grapple to hold onto the motor monster which rides at speeds known only in video games or formula ones. You must be wondering whats all this gotto do with the sandwich but im getting there so hold on.

Notice the following pictures

Notice from top to down the Club Sandwich, the French bread sandwich with fries and the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich all have their fillings pouring over and mopre specifically to the side.

The next thing is the way we Indians have learnt to fit into the damned monster. How meticulously we 'fit', if i may use the word lightly (though its more of tug, push, pull, mould thereby ultimately resulting in a fit).
The same principle is applied when fat people or thin people grown fat ,while trying on a new pair of jeans ,which they absolutely have to fit into, since you want it soo bad and not to forget, its on sale!!)

Yes, the arrangement is kinda the same as above, but just more filled up. Just like they say keep your friends close and enemies closer, and it tends to get real close sometimes. I've sometimes felt victimised ass... i mean as i stand there being randomly poked by a fellow man from behind. My friends think I'm a drama queen and simply sensationalize issues to make my life seem more interesting but apart from the truth, I stand there, waiting to get to hostel.

If your lucky to not be poked from behind, you surely wont miss the jab of sweat mixed with extraordinary oils of the unknown from the arm pits of your fellow passenger. As Russell Peters lightly yet assertively put it Indians are stinky people cos we'r hairy and therefore by all means need to apply deo or some form of stench repellent, not only for sanitary reasons but for social as well.

There are soo many other things which happen in a bus ride but im sure you would be bored by now.

So here's a tribute to all the Sandwiches of the World..DROOL :)

A Dagwood Sandwich

The worlds largest hotdog


Breakfast Roll, Scotland

Croque-monsieur, France

Franscesinha, Portugal

Souvlaki, Greek
Torta, Mexico

Hoagie Hero Sub Sandwich

Smorgastarta, Sweden

Shawarma, Middle east

Roti John, Singapore & Malaysia

Po'boy, New Orleans

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Jumbo Vada Pav

Pastrami from the Hat

Reuban Sandwich, USA
Monte-Cristo sandwich

Thanks to wikimedia for all the pictures.
Shawarma thanks to and the sardines when i find out where i got it from.. soon

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Anonymous said...

Man all those pics make me soooooo hungry :).. ur a fatass LOL

Djarabia said...

Being big boned, im offended by ur comment... hmph


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