Brahma spoke
And I was formed
My name, Tilotamma
Apsara of Indra's court

Whispers, sniggers and jealousy
Evil lined their eyes
Dark as Kohl, were they

But Brahma was gracious
Blest far more than the rest
My beauty knew not its boundaries

Hair, black as a raven
Lips, tender as rose petals
My body, a dew drop enrobed
By lotus leaves.

But Brahma knew far too well
Pride leadeth to a fall
Therefore I was cursed
Far more than the rest

I was not to fall in love.

Until I saw him in the fields.
His bow and glinting arrows
His face kind and gentle
His body, sun kissed

Desire soon took over me.
Surging through my very blood.
But... Brahma knew too well
For I was summoned to Indra's court.

Lightning marked my presence.
Seven mortal lives, he said
Disease and pain, thy ornaments to be
I begged and pleaded
But judgement had been passed.

Listen... Take heed
Brahma knows too well
For I am Tilotamma
Apsara of Indra's court.

2 comebacks:

Anonymous said...

I remember this one.. it's one of ur best :)

Djarabia said...

Somehow when i read it after finding the magazine i found it not as great as Ravana, which im plannin to give for this times mag... cos i was told if i wrote a LOTR in the same fashion it wud be a cult classic :) :) hmmm complements like sweet heroin in my veins heheheh


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