With the early sunrise, I am up
In its sleepy glory, I greet it
The soil crumbles, beneath my feet
Saplings, all arranged neatly.

Fruit of the earth
The Lord hath blest it
Sweat of man and
Power of God.

I am Cain, firstborn of Adam
And Eve, my mother
From whose womb I arose
Only to be followed, by Abel.

Day after day, I toil and tumble
Weeds insinuate the earthy depths
The best of which I shall offer Him
My Creator, in Heavens almighty.

But Abel, the weakling he is
Foolishly opens his eyes
To find his sheep wandering
And him, left far behind.

His birth, of no significance to me
An alter persona, compared to me
Father and mother loved him dearly
And for this, I shall repay him surely.

My offering rejected
I stand there, defeated
Abel uplifted by the Lord
Revenge boiled inside me.

"Why has anger risen within you
And your face bowed to the ground
Sin crouches at your door
Overrule its desire"

In the fields it was over
My score atlast settled
Abel be no more
Then He sayeth unto me

"Where is Abel thy brother?"
"I do not know;
Am I my brother's keeper?"
“What have you done?"

"His blood cries out unto me
Cursed are you forever
The earth no longer yielding
A wanderer and fugitive to be"

I am Cain, firstborn of Adam
And Eve, my mother
Standing there, defeated
Seperated from my God

3 comebacks:

Anonymous said...

Good one. Interesting. I don't like Cain much though :O)

Djarabia said...

Thang u... if u look at it abel is the goody two shoes so nothin much to write abt him... :)

Anonymous said...

Praise and adulation for me
The younger brighter son
Blemishless core
I watch the elder fall
His greater than mine


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