India Whining

Once upon a time there was a White man who like other White men had a fascination towards India. Though he was cheap like the rest of us Indians, he decided to make a movie pertaining to the rise of the downtrodden slumdog Indian to the greatest of heights. But as it is when crabs are put together in a bucket, preventing each other from rising, so also the Indians fought against this White man, who had infact made India famous. Famous enough to be recognised by the Golden Globe Society, which decided that this White man should be awarded along with the other Brown people, both of those who acted and made the music of the film. And they did not just stop with one. They gave them four whereas their counterparts from their motherland England gave them eleven nominations at their awards, the BAFTA.

Now what the argumentative, naive and ignorant amongst the smart Indian lot do not realise is by advertising India's poverty makes it richer. Heaven knows how much the tourism industry has prospered simply by the power of yoga and the search for ones inner being.But no, they want foreigners to come and shoot the Developed India. The land of the Bollywood mirch-masala and talk about how it has developed inspite of being raped by its predecessor, the British or by its current politicians.

India is like a diamond. Only once the grit and grime is washes and the stone polished does it shine. But one has to get through the grit and grime first and not vice versa.

So please fellow country people... Think, ponder, understand. Indians are not called smart for nothing...

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