Stars and lights



 Open my eyes
Turn to the right
Wake up and stretch
Look around my big bedroom
Scenic ocean and palm trees
White sand on my personal beach

Spin around and place my feet
Gucci for my aching soles
Walk to the bathroom
Crystal clear mirror
Six pack abs and tan to fit
Hair messed up but still shiny

Head down to the living room
Across the painting strewn halls
The cleaner salutes me
The butler ushers me in
A hearty breakfast fit for a king
Masterpiece courtesy the chef

Silver forks and spoons
Plates with gold etched edges
Orange juice served in crystal
Appointments read to me
SMS's texted dutifully
Time for another costume change

Clothes laid on my bed
Versace, D&G and the rest
Crafted and tailored
To suit my body perfectly
Cologne dabbed, Aviators donned
They all await me

Chauffeured in my Mercedes
Tinted to deflect the paparazzi
Music fills the vacuum
Calls ring incessantly
Ya ya I'm on my way
Directors, producers, idiots

The door opens, bulbs flash
Out I step into the world
A wave and a wink
Girls faint, some shriek
Scribble upon books
And kiss upon the cheek
The stars and lights
Its all about me
They all want to be me
They all want to do me
Cos being me is their frigging ticket
Away from their damned miseries

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Anonymous said...

I love this one! I always have wanted to write about how it felt to be a hiphop artist in a limo after a divorce/break up... good work :)

Djarabia said...



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