Sparks of light flit across raven skies
Thunder announces their arrival
Puffs of smoke, splash upon
Chandra's cratered shore.

Green, now rain kissed
The earth, exudes its fragrance
Animals of the air take shelter
While those on earth lie and wait.

The city of Lanka, the city of gold
Of great size and even greater beauty was it, to behold
Seven moats surrounded it.
Seven walls of gems and metal, protected it.

Rakshasas, protectors of Amrit's deep waters
Now lay asleep in their homes.
Of every shape and form were they.
Some, disgusted the eye, whilst some were beautiful to gaze upon.

Safely concealed on the island
A tear drop, nestled upon the oceans cheek
Beauty singed with Greed's desire
Ruler of it all

Rāvaṇa, he of terrifying roar
Ten crowned and twenty fisted.
His cuprous eyes shone,
His blue blood surged,for more

Seas cringe and mountains shiver
Even the sun and moon cowered
In his benevolent majesty's presence
None could withstand, not even the gods.

His palace swept clean by Vayu, the god of wind
Ambrosia prepared by Agni, the god of fire
Water to quench his thirst by Varuna, lord of the ocean
And Kuvera, the god of wealth, his money supply.

Rāvaṇa, he of terrifying roar
Ten crowned and twenty fisted was he.
Sowing his malignant seeds
Of mischief and evil in thee.

Mighty King of the Asuras
Dictator of human and divine races
None, could withstand his power
None, not even, the gods.

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