The Seven Avatars

Since I was small I had this idea of choreographing a dance which would include my favorite actresses and i have been waiting ever since for that dream to come true. The dance was supposed to take place at a prestigious event where the whole of the Bollywood community would be there and try to take in the extravaganza presented to them by moi.

Ive stuck to my obsession of the seven deadly sins.

So I kinda thought I'd reveal to you all who I think are perfect for the role and hopefully someday, someone famous reads this and tries to contact me to say "I wanna make this happen and I want you to be in charge of it"

Presenting to you, The Seven Avatars.The music to which this whole experience takes place is a song from Mynta which I also have developed a craze to obtain it since it was danced to by my puc college dance team but unfortunately to this day I am clueless of its name.

Luxuria/Lust - Shilpa Shetty or Nicole Scherzinger or Prianka Chopra

Gula/Gluttony - Asin

Avaritia/Greed - Kareena Kapoor

Acedia/Sloth - Deepika Padukone

Ira/Wrath - Sushmita Sen

Invidia/Envy - Bipasha Basu

Superbia/Pride - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Thanks to the following sites for having hosted the wonderful images. Its amazing especially to see Atul Kasbekar's photos which are real imaginative and out of this world.

Shilpa Shetty s2 add (
Nicole (
Asin (,
Kareena (
Deepika (,
Sushmita Sen (,,
Aishwarya (,,,,
Bipasha (,,,

5 comebacks:

Anonymous said...

Dude that was a great idea.. nice thought.. and all the characters fit... do one of Hollywood actresses as well.

carol said...

u seem to be obsessed with those 7 sins...btw awesome pics...who do u think will read ur post with pics like that??

Djarabia said...

According to me (of personal opinion, which i believe i'm allowed to have!!)

I think the idea of the Seven Sins n their respective avatars is only fitting for the Indian subcontinent as we are a land of sexiness unlimited... so sorry crow, i cannot n will not do a hollywood themed one.I thought id do a male version but i guess it'll look weird...

N yes carol, as u pointed out, its an innocent strategy... which reminds me, i need to install a clicker so i know if this site is hit on a lot after the awesome pics i spent 2 days finding and co-relating...

Anonymous said...

I love the new name.. risus sardonicus.. brilliant

Djarabia said...

ya i know.. i felt since i had copied the xiphisternum i needed to come up wit somethin my own... so i thought wat better that the so called smirk on my face.. hence the birth of risus sardonicus... i cant believe im soo dumb rite now i cant think of anythignm to blog...


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