Bhagyalakshmi & the Beast

The father- Swamy Ramalingam Mazhiattal

The youngest daughter- Bhagyalakshmi

The hero- Surya

The villain- Rajnikanth

The happy couple- Bhagyalakshmi & Surya

The love snack- Goli Bajjis

It so happened in a small town in Chennai that there lived Swamy Ramalingam Mazhiattal and his three daughters Roopmani, Meenakshi and Bhagyalakshmi. Far and wide in the town was their beauty known that marital offers ceased no end from the time he had conducted each of their Manjhal Neeratu Vizha, a Tamil puberty ceremony.But he had loved them dearly and was saddened by the thought of having them leave for their husbands household and therefore had politely refused all offers.

One day he had to visit Mangalore, a small town in Karnataka to see to his export business and had called his daughters to bid them farewell. While he was leaving, he asked them what wanted from Mangalore. Roopmani, the eldest daughter asked for a diamond encrusted platinum ring. The second, Meenakshi asked for sleeveless salwar kameezes and then when it was Bhagyalakshmi's turn who said "Illai appa, just return back safely,Mangalore is a big Sin City, I heard and I don't want you getting hurt."

"What nonsense you are saying, Bhagu. Nothing of the sort will happen. Now tell me what you want." She finally gave in and said "Appa I heard their goli bajjis are the tastiest in the whole world, I'll have that."

So he set off on his journey by train and reached Mangalore the next afternoon. After seeing to his business, he then went to the leading jewellery store and bought for Roopmani, a diamond encrusted platinum ring and then went roaming Hampankata for sleeveless salwar kameezes. "Truly I say, this Mangalore is a Sin City" after seeing the cuts on the salwars. Suddenly he gets a call. Its Ramakantha, his personal secretary calling to say that his arch nemesis Rajnikanth is creating problems at the dock.

He then rushed to the scene which suddenly became intense and drama filled with profanities being hurled left, right and centre. Later gundas joined the scene and what followed can only be described by the makers of the Matrix themselves. But alas Swamy emerged victorious and retired to his hotel for a shower and a change of attire as he was leaving that night. It was then during his journey back that he remembered Bhagya's wish for goli bajjis but alas it was too late.

When the train had stopped at Kasargod he got off and to his surprise there was a guy selling goli bajjis near the station. He ordered two packets of the delicious item, but luck was not to favor him as the guy happened to be in hand with Rajnikant and it wasn't too long when the gundas surrounded him and took him to Rajhni's palace."How dare you?" he said, "you, scoundrel, filthy rascal. Trying to steal goli bajjis huh"."No, no I assure you I was trying to buy some for my daughter Bhagyalakshmi who had asked for the tasty delights."

Seeing that Rajni would not give into his pleading he fell to his feet and asked for pardon as his daughters were not married and had no one save him to look after them. Seizing the opportunity, he agreed but on one condition that in seven days he should send his daughter Bhagyalakshmi, whom he had developed an interest in as she too had liked goli bajjis. Swamy reluctantly agreed and left the palace not knowing what to make of it all.

On arriving home, he was greeted at the door by his daughters. Roopmani's face glowed with the new ring of hers. So did Meenakshi, who ran to show her friends the new salwars she had got. But when it was Bhagyalakshmi's turn, her father handed her the packet and then turned away. "What happened father? I can see you are worried about something."With a heavy heart he dismissed the issue and they all settled to a family dinner.

As the days passed, the wrinkles on Swamy's head kept furrowing until the day was nearing and he had called upon Bhagyalakshmi "I'm afraid I've to tell you something. Now please forgive me Bhagu, but I had no other option. He told her all that had befallen him. "Oh my poor Appa, how can I stand to see this torture eating you up inside. I shall do so, as you say and keep your word." They left on the Chennai express the next day to Kasargod where they hired an auto to take them to Rajni's palace.

On reaching, they saw the magnitude of his riches. Two Mercedes, one Skoda, one Scorpio, landscaped gardens and fountains. The servants led them in to the living room and said that their master would take some time and advised them to have lunch without him. As they ate the Virundhu Sappadu consisting of appams, uthappam, paal paniyaram, Jigarthanda, Muttaiparotta, Paruthipal, Ennaidosai , Santhakai and kola urunda.

After having their fill to eat and drink, suddenly a black Scorpio pulls up and out walks Rajni with his henchmen. "Oh, I see you have arrived. And this is the beauty I say." "Yes, sir". "Very well, servants show her her room and take good care of her. I shall see no harm shall come to her. You can visit every week if you like." And having said that he left, the room filled with his hedonistic laughter. As the father leaves his daughter behind, tears filled his weary eyes.

So Bhagya lived with Rajni and the whole town , who came to hear of Rajni's latest muse often passed by to capture a glimpse of the beauty who had won his heart.It was here that our hero Surya managed to see her one day and cupid's arrow had struck his heart.Bhagya too had noticed this young man and often responded with a smile each time he had arrived, which was during tea time.

One day he didn't show up as usual for tea and biscuits and this troubled Bhagya and various thoughts crept into her head as to the whereabouts of Rajni. She then hired an auto to take her to the goli bajji stand as the station and it was there that she found Rajni lying on the floor writhing in pain. "Oh no" she screamed. "Fear not Bhagya, it was me who took care of this villain for you. I couldn't stand the way he was treating you and you deserve more in life than being locked up in his palace."

After recovering from shock, Bhagya found herself in a bed filled with roses and Surya looking intently at her. He then told her the whole story of how it had happened and that he in fact was a rich businessman who had truly fallen in love with her and couldn't stand being without her. With tears of joy she hugged him and then they set off on the next train to Chennai where they met with her father and sisters and got married.

And they lived happily ever after...

N.B This was inspired both by Crowscious' Handsome and Ghetto and a Ducktail's episode titled Scroogerello and of course Beauty and the Beast

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Kadambari said...

LOL! Absolute brilliance! Beauty, the beast and the Goli Bajjis.. The perfect trio.

Carl said...

hmmm now that u put it that way.... it wud be cool to have goli bajjis shaped like popcorn to devour during the movies.... :)


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