Time of my Life

6:15pm... Hmmm, time certainly passes quickly when your having fun. Well, I wouldn't classify my present situation which involves sitting cross legged on my bed, with my textbook resting on a pillow, sorta like how the magic lamp in Aladdin was placed and day dreaming about the romantic possibilities of a relationship with certain so and so's, as ecstatic, but should do for the time being.

Then there's the, 'oh my God, I've put on so much frigging weight that the shirt I paid 700 bucks for is gonna suffer fo sure if I couldn't wear it to the Farewell. Quick Sms note made on my mobile should do the trick. "LOOSE WEIGHT FOR SHIRT TO LOOK GOOD". Yes, weird as it sounds, the shirt has become a second skin for which I have to loose the many other skins just for it to be special for just one day. Superficial, you say. Stuff it. We have all gone through the phase. Well not the genetically modified fat burning perfect body ones though. UURRGGHH hate them for their genes and jeans.

What topic should I put up on my blog? hmmm... Crow has gone and written something dope as usual that the 30 something readers who vociferously read her work have all commented while I sit here like an old lady on my hunches churning epic after epic of chutney for the various people who do show up only to chance upon the pics I've up or to read a few lines and then disappear like electric pink cotton candy in ones mouth. Thankfully for the FEEDJIT, I now know that people all over the world stop by, but still. Where is the love? where are the comments? I have nothing to show my competing curly bed haired smudged kajal wearing rani anything. While she grows better and better. The torture of it all, I tell you.

"I wanna make love in this club 'ey, in this club 'ey in this club 'ey
I wanna make love in this club 'ey, in this club 'ey in this club 'ey"
It blares again bringing me back. The freaking song that haunts me everyday as for my neighbors for whom "music is life" holds good as their motto. With a smirk on my face I quickly contemplate the plan of action. Lets see, I have the keys to their room. I could sneak in while they are gone, hack the wires of their speakers with a knife and leave with my legendary smirk and probably a laugh to go with the triumph of having "stopped the music". But alas AGAIN I whip out my trusty Nokia, go to messages, new message, text message, volume!!!, enter number, send message, 1299 messages left in current balance. And the deed is done. The volume fades leaving behind bass notes which thump the creaking tiled floor.

It is a condition in which... uuurggh. This is crap. SLAM the book goes and pushed away to the dusty corner of the table. 7pm I'm hungry. Wish I could order some pizza. Quickly I rush to reminders "LOOSE WEIGHT FOR SHIRT TO LOOK GOOD!!!". Screw it. I slide back against the 125 year old white washed walls and think if only I were a regular. I would be an intern. Busy with work. Free to roam, to gym, to eat, to dance, to eat. 2 more months.. 2 more loooonng months.

"Coming for dinner?" Sagar asks. Dressed in his coat and steth wrapped like a serpent on Shiva. "uhuh" I reply and shuffle into my chappals and then head to wash my plate in the E.coli infected waters. And then I head to bitter reality. The mess hall... dammit

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Anonymous said...

Curly bed haired smudged kajal wearing rani... LOL i absolutely LOVE that description of me. It makes me sound quite attractive some how!!! :)
And yes I jus LOVE how you described Sagar. No words (nobodys) can put it better! Hang in there, some ppl are just lucky :P

Carl said...

I KNOW!!! (to be said nasally like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S...)


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