I've finally decided. I'm a heart person. Anything to do with love and the whole jambola of emotions, are all right up my alley. I guess its got to be due to having read the horoscopes and having promptly mugged up all the characteristics of the humble Cancerian and having diligently executed it in my life, ever since I was small.

I don't think there's not a single characteristic I dont fit into. Lets see there's shy, timid, withdrawn, dull but only at times, home loving, obstinately tenacious, purposeful, energetic, intuitive and wise, sometimes with a philosophical profundity of thought verging on inspiration, sympathetic and kindly sensitivity to other people, especially those they love.

I tend to be over-imaginative and prone to fantasy, sometimes trying to shape my life to fit some romantic ideal. I am appreciative of art and literature, and especially of drama.

Mentally, a mixture of toughness and softness, often emotional and romantic to the point of sentimentality in fantasies; but in real life the loving is not so sentimental but tenaciously loyal. I am also too easily influenced by those they love and admire, and swayed by the emotion of the moment.

Having a retentive memory, particularly for emotionally laden events which I can recall in detail for years afterwards. Being strongly governed by childhood memories and since I live intensely in the past in memory and in the future in imagination, a chance meeting with someone for whom they had an unrequited love, even if they thought they had conquered the feeling, will easily rouse the emotion all over again.

Now hasn't that happened before eh??

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