Prepare for Glory....

"When the boy was born
like old Spartans
he was inspected.
If he had been small
or puny or sickly or misshapen
he would've been discarded.
From the time he could stand, he was
baptized in the fire of combat.
Taught never to retreat,
never to surrender..."

As these words resonate in my head (well not exactly since the movie was released much later) I stood there at the start of the line, waiting. My pants pulled up, my nose rubbed and phlegm swallowed, I waited till that auspicious moment.

The whistle blew and the chase was on. With my eyes firmly set on the goal, I ventured both fast and furious, the prize was destined to be mine. Gathering up the chocolates, one by one, the varying levels of difficulty encountered ranging from the size and shape of the chocolate to the amount my little hands could carry.

Amidst the cheers of gleeful parents, I spotted my foes, one too many. Their hands loaded with chocolates much more than mine, I had to act fast. Pulling out my shirt, I dumped the already melting chocolates into the Kangaroo pouch I had created and dashed to the far ends of the garden.

At last the whistle blew. I stood there triumphant. As they announced for us to proceed to the counters , I was proud of myself. Dropping the colorfully packed delights onto the table, I smiled as the counter lady ooohhed and aahhheedd. And then the counting began.

Standing there at the podium with the whole amalgam of families looking on. The first place goes to... Carl. The battle had been won. Another victory accomplished.There was no place for losers, for this, was a Man's game.

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