I'd like to thank....

Like the billion or so people of the world who crave soo much for the coveted Oscar, I too am one of them. Just like tales of yore, mine too starts when I was small and then exposed to the glitzy world of Indian award shows with its dances, songs, amazingly long speeches and beautiful heroines especially Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen, both of whom I admire a lot and still do.

The next step is practising for the so called 'imaginary' award show, which includes the whole jing bang of seeing clips of the nominees, then then announcement (well in my case it was Aishwarya Rai who announced my name :) and then walking up to the stage, kissing her on the cheek, probably throwing in a few words in Tulu in her ears while I'm kissing her cheek and then launching into a Caesar like speech with my mothers hairbrush in hand.

"I'd like to thank God, for whom without which this wouldn't be possible. My parents and siblings for believing in me. All my fans who appreciate my work and of course the esteemed judges who deemed it worthy."

Yeah I know its a drag and a bunch of cliches separated by full stops but that's what I had grown up hearing and rehearsing and believing would come true someday.

I'm sitting here right now watching the Oscars which was ceremoniously downloaded by my video shop wallah for monetary pleasure for suckers like me who are attracted by bright and shiny things. At first its the "Whose wearing what?" which in itself is fascinating.

However its kinda boring that the men just have to manage between a tux and a suit. For my big win (high hopes!!) I decided I'm gonna wear a bandgala probably by JJ Vallaya which is probably the only guy I know who makes it since I saw it in an ad in the magazine. To go with probably a black Dior watch which I still remember from an Outlook magazine which I promised myself I'd buy with my own salary. And then shoes anyone will do really. Not much worried about those. I had actually read in a magazine that women judge men by their shoes. Wonder how true that is. But I guess the specialists who buy them in such a large number you'd figure that they'd have to have some clue as to what they are doing.

And then there was the dream of actually hosting the event, but that soon died off when i realised what a headache that must be to keep it lively and funny at the same time when ladies are rushing to have gowns changed and the men look lazily on trying to spot a wardrobe Mal-function.

But one thing which seems to get me all the time is the gifts the stars get at the end of the show... I mean prime property on the moon... who can beat that!!!

Hmmm some day some day I tell myself..,. I'm gonna be up there...

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Anonymous said...

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Carl said...

Thank u for ur comment and for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

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