Midsummer Night's Dream

Having finished work late, I decided to grab something to eat at the local vendor. Eyeing the delicacies neatly placed in their silver platters and lit to brilliance under the yellow fluorescent tube, what caught my eye were the cheese sticks designed to look as gingerbread men and hence decorated ironically with lots of colored sprinkles. They came with toothpicks which served both as walking sticks for the men and as the road for them to tread on.

After deciding on a ghee filled croissant, I pay him the 20 rupees and carefully manoeuvre the slippery delight lest I loose the precious golden liquid. He then tells me that his place actually caters to many IT people like me and that it would set me back by a measly 70 rupees to eat at his joint for a year. I step back to see if the offer was worth its salt while I bit into the croissant.

She then steps next to me, eyeing my eat and then proceeds to ask the vendor for the same, both in English followed by Tamil. I then turn to see who had ordered the same dish as mine and she was peculiar like someone I had seen before, someone from my school days.

She was dark. Her hair cut in a cute bob. Her eyes neatly kajaled. But then her hand approaches my croissant which I've only eaten a little off the side while she breaks a big piece. As she unceremoniously steals what is mine the ghee oozes from its doughy cavity I "aaeehh" in defiance as she consumes it.

A lady clad in a sari sitting on the bench close to us all this while quite suddenly speaks "Do you know what you have done? Only married people are supposed to eat from the same plate." "What??" I scream...

Sleepily I type this, my myalgic fingers tiring to stop and go back back to sleep but I continue word by word spell checked and full stopped...

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findingmywingsinlife said...

This is an interesting post. Your writing intrigues me. I've been following for awhile, you have your own style with words. Looking forward to reading more.

Djarabia said...

Thank you so much ma'am. I enjoy reading your posts as well.

The best part, I feel about the post is well the title. Its summer here in India, and hence a Midsummer's Night Dream hehehe

Cheap thrills... don't know what I'd do without them :)


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