The moon clad in her burqa
Embellished with the stars
Watches through her veil
The city of Al-Qasbah

Candles housed in clay lanterns
Their flames quivering in the breeze
The majlis, fragranced with myrrh
Hookahs, wine and grapes

As Ziryab strums the Oud
His mellifluous voice
Bewitches the guests
Their bodies, inebriated with myrrh

The Bait ul- Samira
With its twisted maze
Fools many with its demented charm
But its her that they all come to see.

Sabih announces her arrival
With the Darbukah
His each note followed by bells
As she enters

She raises her veil
Her fair skin and dark eyes
Pleasing to ones carnal desires
She begins the raqs sharqi

With the chiming zilz
And the flowing silk
She draws the hungry eyes
Deeper into the abyss... Of the Qasbah

5 comebacks:

workhard said...

Aweeesome, i think the second picture would describe me the best ;-)Well not quite, but close, a little farther, but lovely pics..


Djarabia said...

Hey thanks... : ) im more on the genie side... hehehe

workhard said...

Im sure, u must be the invoked spirit ;-)

Denizen said...

hey genie!i need a wish

Djarabia said...

Dont we all!!!


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