L'agent Provocateur

A heady mix of
Scotch and perfume
Both Evil in their own ways
Fills the air.

Cigarette butts
Shaped like missiles
Lay strewn
In their ashy graves.

Standing at the doorway
Lace and Lingerie
Both Evil in their own ways
She inches closer

Flicking her luscious hair
Brown interlaced with black
Lips, inviting in pink
Eyes which sink deep within.

Our bodies meet
Love and Lust
Both Evil in their own ways
She in me and me in her.

Its time now
She leaves with a kiss
Heels click the wooden floor
L'agent Provocateur

3 comebacks:

Anonymous said...

Very very nice.. u think up really interesting stuff.. vivid n all that... don't stuff yourself now :)

Djarabia said...

all thanks to aping u anyways :p see where some people can get by using u as a model... heheheh

And i wouldnt say dont stuff yourself now cos i guess when i see u, you will be... STUFFED :P

one more believer said...

passion is dynamite!!! ... the last few lines a perfect close...


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