Standing in front of the mirror, she places back the fallen strap.
Eyes kohl lined and lips rouged, a wink, a smile ensues
Hair left open, earrings dangle
She heads out, scented and stilletoed

Pulling out the note, a number neatly penned
She looks around, the passers by stare
Typing the numbers in, a flick of the hair
'Hello, I'm coming over ....'

Her fingers trace the verse on her arm
Love bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.
Pushing the sheets away, her lover unperturbed

As she heads to her car, she sees him
His face revulsed, dignity defiled
He walks away and she runs after
Her life would never be the same

The fight was bitter, screams deafening
But all that was done was done
Typing the numbers in, a tear swept
'Hello, I'm coming over....'

P.S I read this poem again and again to the starting 1:06s of the video Unfaithful by Rihanna and would be worth the experience, if you did too. This was also inspired by the video and lyrics of the same. Also along similar lines L'agent Provocateur

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findingmywingsinlife said...

I don't often listen to much of Rihanna's music. Not that she's not a good singer, just that her mainstream style isn't much my thing.
But your poetry is interesting, you're very good at relaying things with words. Keep writing :)

And btw, love the new layout. Very cool. How did you get the home page of your blog to be just clickable icons of each of your posts? Very brilliant idea!

Carl said...

Thank you so much : )

I think I've always maintained that things which inspire me should be weird and I guess that's just how I roll hehehe.

About the new layout, I googled cool blooger templates, awesome blogger templates and just kept changing the adjective before blogger template to find this one hehehe. I thought a new layout would be nice for the new year and this felt more iPhone-ish with a picture doing the talking : )


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