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Being a medical student entails one to probably spend chunks of time reading up on books which I have a feeling were inspiration for the concept of platform shoes in terms of size and thickness. Anyways this tedious procedure is what often led me to procrastinate about a whole lot of unimportant stuff and the voids filled in with music. So here's a few lyrics, modified ofcourse to suit whatever situation (and in my case which clinical posting) along with phrases you'd hear in the hospital.

P.S Do listen to the song while reading the lyrics. I promise you Medicine would not be the same again. : )

♫ Total eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler feat Meatloaf

L Ward, every now and then nothing is ever done and the sisters sit around, MICU, every now and then I get a lil bit tired of listenin to the sound of machines, Dept office, Every now n then I get a lil bit nervous that the staff is still sittin inside, Turn around, Every now and then I get a lil bit terrified & then I see the look in ur eyes,Kale gotha, Intern,Whose gonna type pending summaries, Kale gotha, Intern,every now n then I get royally screwed

*Kale gotha - A Konkani phrase which literally translates to 'what you know' or in proper English as Did you know?

♫ Thong song - Sisqo

Ooh dat mets so scandalous And ya know another T cell couldnt handle it See ya positioning that laser like who's da ish With a look in ya eye so precise-ish It likes to dance at all the hip hop spots And on MRI it highlights hot spots Not just brain it likes the blood Cuz she was livin la vida loca.

♫ Rude boy - Rihanna

Wat u know, intern can u fill the card? Wat u know, intern is the dressing done? Take it, take it, intern, intern Take it, take it, blood forms, bt ct Tonight Imma gonna complain to da incharge Tonight I want all case sheets completed Tonight I want all reports collected Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up baba

* BT- Bleeding time
   CT - Clotting time

♫ Dynamite - Taio Cruz

I came to Kudla, kudla, kudla, kudla Roads I abhor Cos Ive got plans, plans, plans, plans Mallus wearing all their favourite brands, brands, brands, brands Give me sterile gloves for both my hands, hands, hands, hands Da, Da Cos it goes on & on & on And it goes on & on & on Aouda I put my finger in peoples bum sometimes Saying AYYO Bidi loosu I wanna celebrate and live my life Kale gotha Enchina Saavu

* Kudla - the tulu word for Mangalore, a south Indian city in Karnataka
   Mallus - a term used for malayalees or people from Kerala
   Da - A Malayalee word used to gather attention
   Aouda - Yes in Kannada
   Bidi loosu - an instruction to the patient to let go in Kannada
   Enchina Saavu - I think it means what the hell in Tulu

DJ got us falling in love again - Usher

So we back in Mullerkad Get tat bodies rockin from side to side Now tat de week is done I feel like a zombie gone back to strife BP's up n suddenly we all got our tondre enus No control of my body Ain't I seen u before? I think I remember those eyes,eyes,eyes Cos baby tonite the Doctor got us takin pills again So Depin, depin like its the last last night of ur life, gonna get u rite

* Mullerkad - a Peripheral health centre in Mangalore
  Tondre enus - What seems to be the problem? in Kannada
  Depin - Nifedipine, an anti-anginal & anti-hypertensive drug

♫ Papparazi - Lady Gaga

We r ENT's We'r co-comin out Got my flash on its true Need tat throat swab frm u It's so diagnostical We'd be so fantastical Lido Betadine Grommet n FESS Nt sure wat it means But dis polyp of urs Its comes wit a price Ready fr those flashing lights Cos u know tat baby I I'm ur operating attendee I'll dissect u until anasthesia lets me septo rhino plasty Baby there’s no other superstar U know that ill be Kama-Kamikazi

♫ Firework - Katy Perry

Do u ever feel like suicide/driftin thru PG books/wonderin why I did MBBS again/Do u ever feel,feel so overweight/like a shawarma roll/1 more kilo,hard to breath again/Do u ever feel already buried deep/6 feet under scream/But noone seems to hear a thing/Do u know tat there's still a chance for u/Cos there's COMEDK too/U jus gotta do an all night/N pls dont whine/Jus own the night/Like a nerd on a high/Cos baby you're an exam goer/Come on show'em wat ur worth/Make 'em go 'AH AH AH'/As u rush to color the ?right answer

♫Deck the halls (sung to the tune of a whiney exam goer during Christmas time)

Deck the halls with CCTV's fa la la la, la la la la la / Tis the season to write out stories fa la la la la, la la la la / Groan your frustration all together Fa la la la la, la la la la / Down with dreaded exams forever fa la la la la, la la la la

♫ Last Christmas - Wham!

Last Christmas I gave you a heart, but the very next day CMI (cell mediated immunity) rejected it away, Now on some inhibitors, Rituximab n Prednisolone, Next year we tried a liver, but the very next day, LFTs went disarray, Now on Tacrolimus and Mycophenolic acid,Once bitten and twice shy, I keep my distance but you still catch my eye,Tell me baby do you recognise me?Well it's been a year, it doesn't surprise me
And finally the best one I've done till date

♫ Waka Waka - Shakira

Your a good intern, choosing your offdays, dress the wound up and check reports off n back in the opd,you're in the frontline,everyone's watching, you know it's serious, gonna get jacked, this isnt over, the pressure is on,you feel it, you've got it all, Believe it,When u fall get up,Oh oh, And if u fall get up,Eh Eh,Kale gotha,What you know,Cos this is Mullerica, Kale gotha wat you know, biki biki eh eh kale gotha, wat u know this time for mullerica

* Biki - Kannada for push, most often used to instruct the mother to push while in labour.

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SiM said...

Sing it out dude!! and post it on youtube ;)

Carl said...

That would definitely be tragic in my clinging for dear life adolescent voice... Lets just hope the singers who I've mentioned happen to chance on this and sing it on youtube... : )

findingmywingsinlife said...

Completely hilarious. Made me laugh :) I will never hear those songs the same again..which is kinda sad seeing as how I actually liked the Total Eclipse of the Heart

Carl said...

Hehehe Im glad you enjoyed it : )

Denizen said...

u cud sing these and post an audio clip after each one....if u want, i cud do thm 4 u :D just get me t karaokes :DDD


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