Stolen glances, always caught
Eyebrow raised
Her lips pout
And a smile soon appears.

Willowy wisps curled
Her nose ring twinkles
In the apricot evening.
Her cheeks, now blushed.

Nearing close
Her perfume inhaled.
Hands over mine,
Alternating his and her fingers.

Inspired by the hindi song Dil To baccha hai (my heart is still a child) from the movie Ishqiya

3 comebacks:

findingmywingsinlife said...

that made me chuckle a bit and smile.

Anonymous said...

apricot evening!!..u will never stop with ur kinky shitt will you....nice poem..makes me wanna wear a pink frock and play kitty party with you....

Carl said...

@findingmywingsinlife... exactly the expression I was expecting from readers... : )

@Chetu... U wearing a pink frock??? Talk abt being kinky... besides i was hungry for some tasty fruit at the time and visions of apricots came immediately...


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