When Darkness met Light

Darkness watches ‘neath the window sill
Curtains of chiffon and silk.
Roses in bloom, glasses clink.
Crystals dangling from their
Wrought iron branches.
And the band, begins to play.

One by one the couples line up
Curtsy and the dance begins.
There’s laughter heard
Amongst the gentlemen.
The ladies prattle amongst themselves
But his eyes are still searching.

Then all at once his roving eye stops
For there at the head of the stairs, she stands
Amidst the crowds gasps and awe
Light descends the stairs
To greet her father, with a kiss.
Darkness’ heart trembles.

After having mingled with the guests
And danced with the boys
She heads to the balcony
Their eyes meet as he waits for her
In a swift, she’s with him
His hand around her waist.

As they dance beneath
Cloudless climes and starry skies.
The moon, their only witness.
Love entwined them both.
And all shall remember that night
When Darkness met Light.

Inspired by She walks in Beauty by Lord Byron

2 comebacks:

Anonymous said...

awww..now isnt that cute..koocie is in louuuuu!!!!....lol

findingmywingsinlife said...

I meant to comment awhile back when you first posted this, I thought this was a marvelous piece you've written. I do hope you continue writing, sometimes you seem to write the most beautiful things.


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