It always seems impossible until its done

Its getting tiresome now. Getting up, eating breakfast late in order to skip the disgusting fish curry rice they serve in the afternoon. Study, doze of for 5 and end up awake after 20. The cold isn't helping either. The constant showers,the chirpy birds, everything looking so bright. I guess I've been in my room (hell with fluorescent lighting) for too long. On entering the first thing to catch your eye are the various textbooks of med, surgery, obg and pedo strewn around to hide the dusty corners of my table.

Time passes. Its lunch time. We order from out. I guess I'm immune to caffeine now having OD-ied on coffee for the past few weeks since the coke which supposedly contains it puts me of to sleep in a jiffy. I dream I'm in my crush's place with her dad and oddly enough my friend and her sister, my crush being no where in sight. My friend gets up and heads to the bedroom where she pulls out her school uniform and models it for us. Weird you say, weirder actually.

The last dream I had a sequence straight from Speed racer in spite of not having seen the movie. It involved me unlocking a Hayabusa, watching my dad wait at the signal on his cycle and an old lady who I had approached for something. The next minute I'm speeding down the street on the lookout for the police hehehe. Stress does that I guess, screws up dreams.

I head of the sanctum sanctum (the loo). Hopefully the dump should help clear my mind and body of unwanted toxins. It doesn't. I return back to my room, push the door open and see my room mate. Lucky dog, lying on his bed he watches The Office, not that I have a problem but the FREEDOM he has to actually do it. That bugs me. Damn it. If only I hadn't flunked in my first year of med school, I probably would have the good life.

I turn to face the calender which I have carefully struck off days leading to the big event, my final exams, neatly circled in fluorescent orange, the only color pen I could find at that time. Basically I feel its the University's fault for cursing me with this wretched conformist life of a juvenile delinquent. Two marks were all what I needed. TWO.And for that I pay for it with six months of my life package which includes: 6 month wait period till the next exams, separation from my friends who have carried on without looking back save a few.

Picnics, lunches, movies, drinks, weddings practically the entire basis of a students life,swirling,into a stinky drain....

P.S This is jus my pre-exam depression talking...

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